Paper : Water Resources Condition in Indonesia

Indonesia is tropics country that have big fertilizing. More mountains in Indonesia bring on Indonesia rich of plants and water. Islands in Indonesia surrounded by sea. Amount water resources also be affected of many mountains. Charging of water happen in the mountain, the rainfall in mountain more absorbed than in town. More and more water is absorbed, more of ground water be produced. But this process take a long time. With rain water absorbed in the mountains, so will cause artesis well or spring.
Indonesian water resources use rivers and the sea. Water of rivers usually used to irrigation and channeled to PDAM. Whereas water of sea used to fish farming as shrimp pond. Water resources condition in Indonesia generally good, cause been able to sufficient necessary per capita. But in reality more Indonesian people still deficiency the water. The location of Indonesian water resources is uneven. Such as water in Sumatera Island very abundant, but water resources condition in Java have reduce. In Jakarta hard to found clean water as spring. Absorption conditions in Jakarta very bad and the water hard to absorbed by soil.
The reduce of water resources in Indonesia also caused logging in forest , so there are no roots to hold water. And rainfall flows directly into the sea. Making terraces also motive to reduce of water and water hard to absorbed by soil. Although still have water in rivers and the sea, but the hygiene of this water still doubt. Difficult to get water of rivers and sea that has not been contaminated. Because more and more waste factory, trash or fuel discarded at sea. This problem make reduce of water resources in Indonesia.(Opie TEP45)


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