Paper: The Environmental Control for Green house

Green house is the build structure to safety of the plant. Usually, greenhouse used in subtropical area, but now day green house used in tropical area also, the function of the green house it’s to protect plant from risk. It is temperature, rain, weed, etc. A home greenhouse can be attached to a house or garage, or it can be a freestanding structure. The chosen site and personal preference can dictate the choices to be considered. An attached greenhouse can be a half greenhouse, a full-size structure, or an extended window structure, and a freestanding structure. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type.
Careful planning is important before a home greenhouse project is started. Building a greenhouse does not need to be expensive or time-consuming. The final choice of the type of greenhouse will depend on the growing space desired, home architecture, available sites, and costs. The greenhouse must, however, provide the proper environment for growing plants. The greenhouse should be located where it gets maximum sunlight. The first choice of location is the south or southeast side of a building or shade trees. Sunlight all day is best, but morning sunlight on the east side is sufficient for plants. Morning sunlight is most desirable because it allows the plant’s food production process to begin early; thus growth is maximized. An east side location captures the most November to February sunlight. The next best sites are southwest and west of major structures, where plants receive sunlight later in the day. North of major structures is the least desirable location and is good only for plants that require little light. Good drainage is another requirement for the site. When necessary, build the greenhouse above the surrounding ground so rainwater and irrigation water will drain away. Other site considerations include the light requirements of the plants to be grown; locations of sources of heat, water, and electricity; and shelter from winter wind. Access to the greenhouse should be convenient for both people and utilities. A workplace for potting plants and a storage area for supplies should be nearby.
Weed control inside and outside the green house the most important. Weeds, pests become a hiding place and an alternative to the OPT also. Pests can enter and fly into the green house and began to attack the plant from within. Insects can also enter through the air or clothing of workers and people who came out in green house. Cleaning up weeds in and around the green house is very important to suppress the development of pests that can attack the plants. The purpose of this weed cleaning in addition to reducing the nuisance plants that will be the main crop competition, weed is also a host of alternative pest and disease hideout. We have had quite a lot of herbicides that can be used as an alternative to combat weeds and have been widely available at farm stores. However, need to be careful in selecting and using herbicides. Nothing how properly use highly advisable.
Plant diseases generally requires conditions of very humid environment or the presence of water on the surface of the leaf. At such conditions encountered in the development of symptoms of certain diseases, conditions can be “changed” so that a different and progression of the disease becomes more controlled.
Keep in mind that insects also require special conditions in order to develop more quickly. Mites require similar temperature 30 ° C with low humidity to grow rapidly. Spraying water on plants and cooling systems (cooling) is very effective suppress mites investment.(Rudi TEP45)


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