Paper : One Village One Product in Indonesia

Agricultural land in Indonesia is very large. But crop of farm is not much and not provide for Indonesia.  The plants grown in one region, have much variations and less specific. So one type of agricultural products only planted in a narrow area. The resulting product is not comparable with the capital used. The dissimilarity of  agricultural products in one region create price competition in products harvested in other places.

If in one region only plant one type of product, in a time of harvest will create a high price and low price competition. Because the agricultural products only focused on one area. This system was name One Village One Product ( OVOP). The OVOP system very profitable to farmers and Indonesian income. But this system also have weakness. If farmers crop failure there will be a huge loss for the farmers or the state. Its cause difficult to get agricultural products that crop failure  in other place if applied specification one products in one area.

The OVOP system will very profitable if implemented in Indonesia. But viewed from Indonesian condition , difficult to apply OVOP system. distribution system of various types of plants that have been developed in various regions is difficult to replace. If replaced at once time so many farmers do not get money in a long time. The example if Indramayu area will be concentrated into a mango producing areas, rice farmers in the area did not receive money until the mango fruit harvested.

Maybe difficult to change the mindset of farmers to implement this OVOP system. For the alternative government must be give farmers new job until they can crop their plants. But its hard to do because the condition of Indonesia’s economy.(Bareth tep45)


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